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Lebensmenschen (Regie: Isabella Sedlak)

© Evi Pribyl



Kira Lorenza Althaler

Markus Bernhard Boerger

Stage | Costume

Dino Pešut

Shahrzad Rahmani

Camille Lacadee

Theater Drachengasse | 2020

SHE, a black Austrian. HE, a gay Croat. Both do not know what the next step in their lives will be, but they know that their idea of intimacy cannot be realized in a small family. They discuss family ties, gayness, racism and erotic desire in the conflicting field of their friendship. SHE and HE are a microcosm of the possibilities allowed by a certain historical moment: a black Austrian and a gay Croat, who do not have a traditional love affair and who are certainly not married, are trying to have a baby.

Photos © Barbara Pálffy

"It always remains unclear where the player and character are congruent and supposedly authentic, or where the audience is just being lured into a clever game with their own attributions.


It addresses - without exhausting itself in self-reflection - the theater as a mind opener of a white, heterosexual and male-dominated society, in whose (castle) wall (to take up the title of the competition) more and more cracks are rightly appearing."

Jury statement by  Cornelia Anhaus,

Kolja Burgschuld, Anne Wiederhold

"He just has to donate his sperm to fertilize her. But the play is less and less about that and not really - but about the struggle, the search for meaning and the despair of not finding one. But not really (beer-) serious but very humorous."


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