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 © Isabella Simon

I am an artist, director and writer. I live in Berlin and Vienna.

In addition to my work for film and TV in Austria and Great Britain (e.g. Golden Girls FilmproduktionsGesmbH, NFTS London), I have composed regularly and performed as a singer and instrumentalist in various musical collaborations. I developed artistic projects (performances, short films and TV programs) with amateurs, especially with teenagers and young adults. In the meantime, I have completed two diploma courses in theatre, film and media studies as well as in international business administration with a focus on cultural economics.

In 2014 I started working professionally at German municipal theaters for the first time: I assisted at the Deutsches Theater Berlin and worked as an assistant director at the Maxim Gorki Theater in the 2016-19 seasons. There I worked with Yael Ronen, Ersan Mondtag, Sebastian Nübling and Lola Arias, among others. I gained extensive experience in the field of "devised theatre". And am used to working in a multilingual environment on and off stage.

My first piece "Vatersprachmusik" was invited to the 3rd and 4th Berlin Autumn Salon. Further own productions followed at the Maxim Gorki Theater, which were presented at festivals and traveled to the Malmö Stadsteater and the Nationaltheater Mannheim, among others. In 2019, my team and I won the young talent competition at the Drachengasse Theater in Vienna.

I regularly work for classic stage formats, direct video works and develop projects at the interface of performance and installation. My goal is to create theatrical experiences that deal with the poetics of the text in all possible languages and forms in a humorous and atmospheric way. I like to use autobiographical material as well as pop culture references. Coming from a queer-feminist point of view, I feel a special enthusiasm and need to question gender and relationship stereotypes as well as identity constructions. At the same time, I try to (self-)critically uncover the conditions of artistic production and performance on and behind the stage.


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