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 © Ute Langkafel

Get Deutsch or Die Tryin'










Necati Öziri


Necati Öziri

Elmira Bahrami

Yusuf Celik

Linda Vaher

Jeeyoung Shin

Edona Kryeziu

It's his 18th birthday and Arda Ylmaz is playing the record of his life while chilling on a bench with his boys at the train station. The A-side of this record tells of a present without prospects, of Nazis, cops and dealers - rewind back-spin.
It's his 18th birthday, Arda Yilmaz plays the record of his life while standing angrily at his father's grave. The B-side tells  tells of a failed revolution, of flight and life in exile.


Get Deutsch or Die Tryin' is music for mothers who like RTL and vodka, for fathers whose revolution has failed, for friends who have been deported to countries that no longer exist, for kebab shop owners whose engineering diploma is in fat fade away, for birthdays in the corridors of the immigration office, for young people on the park bench, waiting for life to begin tomorrow, waiting for their parents' German dream to finally pay off.

Get Deutsch or Die Tryin' is hip-hop and anger, soul and humility, is the hour 0 of the second generation of guest workers, is the remix of migrant struggles.

More than six years after the premiere of the play, the author Necati Öziri is on stage in a scenic reading arranged by Isabella Sedlak and, together with Elmira Bahrami, Linda Vaher and Kinan Hmeidan, tells of a life in a language of the disobedient, the unheard and those who do not belong. How does the chorus of those who flee forever and never arrive sound like? Like the beat of the disintegrated? 

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