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© Birgit Hupfeld

An audiovisual installation inspired by »europa flieht nach europa« by Miroslava Svolikova

An audiovisual installation inspired by »europa flieht nach europa« by Miroslava Svolikova




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Visual Design

Stage, Video





Lola Fox

Christopher Heiser

Marlena Keil

Sarah Yawa Quarshie

Mervan Urkmez

Raphael Westmeier

Raphael Westmeier


Marlena Keil

Tucke Royale

Isabella Sedlak

Rebecca Solnit

Miroslava Svolikova

Raphael Westmeier

Nicole Marianna Wytyczak

Christopher Fares Koehler

Gerrit Netzlaff

Stefan Gimbel

Robin Lockhardt

What do we associate with the term "Europe"? The EU? The annual Eurovision Song Contest?
In Greek mythology, the king's daughter Europa is abducted across the Mediterranean to Crete by Zeus, the father of the gods, who takes the form of a white bull. "Europe and the bull" are representative as a symbol in art, history, the stories about the supposed identity of the continent of Europe. But what if everything had turned out differently? Perhaps never happened? Or even completely different narratives, images and bodies would take over the space?

The studio of Schauspiel Dortmund becomes an audio-visual performance. Created in the context of Miroslava Svolikova's play "europa flieht nach europa" and inspired by the momentary situation. A diorama becomes a space of possibility, an object of search: for motifs, ideas and designs; becomes a reflection on the bodies that appear and those that cannot be seen; a place of shared presence and discovery of one's own images and ideas. Who can be imagined at all? Who is seen and heard? And who is not?

europa verschwindet ... is a questioning of the myth, is a utopian Eurovision, is theater and art installation and also sensual search about a Europe that never was, is not and maybe never will be.

 © Birgit Hupfeld

"It is the most open project of the Spielzeit opening, a collective reflection in images and texts: on a fictitious new solidary "Euorvision Song Contest"; on gazes and bodies on stages, on civic understanding of art and, of course, on the narrative of Europe and the bull, an act of sexualized violence that bizarrely persists as the founding myth of a community of states."

Theater heute

"This setting irritates at first, but it finds its way to moments of great poetic intensity. You don't always want to look at an empty stage in isolation under a pair of headphones. But this time, as an exception to the rule, it does have its charm."

Westfälischer Anzeiger

"Very nice (...) when Raphael Westermeier as a museum visitor walks through the - by now deliberately demolished - diorama and we hear via headphones the description of an art historian about the stage set that has become a work of art. Since the spectators are also referred to as part of the installation, the next meta-level is reached."

Ars tremonia

"An installation for the eye and ear."

Ruhr Nachrichten

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